Sending Your Survey

Sending your Survey shouldn't be a hassle. Here is how to get your Survey out in seconds

How to get to the Share Page

You can get here from simply from two different places.

  • Straight from the Survey Management Dashboard by clicking the Share icon next to the survey you want to send out. See image below
  • Straight from the Survey edit screen, in the top bar just hit the "Save and Share" button. see image below

Great, Welcome to the Survey Send page!

On this page, there 4 main ways that you can quickly send out a survey:

  • Sharing the link

The simplest way to get your survey out there. You take the link and pop it wherever you want it. When users go to it, they simply take the survey. Perfect if you want to pass it along over Instant messaging, Google chat, Skype, so on...

  • Sending via email

Sending your survey via an email is simple. You take the link provided and pop it straight into your favourite email client and pass it along. Simple as that!

  • Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, etc...

So you want to share your survey on your favourite social media platform? Just click on the Facebook and Twitter Tab and take the link provided and post it, tweet it, share it, etc... 

  • Placing the Survey on your site.

We have made getting a great looking little tab on your site for users to take your survey very easy. 

After selecting the "Place on your site" tab, all you need to do is choose the style and color of the tab you would like to add on your site, then take the little bit of code and pop that into the <body> tag of of your sites HTML code.

Some Additional Settings you may want to add in.

Sometimes you may only want your survey taken a few times, or only to be run between a certain date. Under the settings section on the "Send" tab, there is a host of options that give you all this extra ability.

  • Activating and Deactivating your survey automatically

Sometimes a user may want a survey to only go active after a certain time and date, or close at a specific time and date (competition entries for example). Doing that is really easy! Simply click on Settings tab and you will find the Start and End Date checkboxes available there to you. If selected a calendar will pop up that'll allow you to specify the date and time you want the surveys to be opened or closed.

See image below

  • Closing a survey after a certain number of users has responded

If you only want to capture a certain number of responses from users, you can select this checkbox and pop in the number of responses you want the survey to accept before automatically closing

See image below

  • Limiting a user to only answer the survey once

You may want a user to only answer the survey once. We have three different settings that achieve this, each being a slightly different but important.

  • Limit by Cookie: This option saves a cookie on the browser of the user which stops them from taking the survey on that browser again. Use this option if you expect your survey takers to be in an office scenario
  • Limit by IP: This option stops a user from taking the survey based on their IP address. This is the more accurate way of securing your survey, but may result in people at the same place not being able to complete your survey if one user has taken it.
  • Limit by Email: This option stops a user from taking the survey based on an unique link that gets emailed to them when sending out the emails.Note, this only works when sending via our built in email send tool

See image below

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us as we always happy to help:

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