Limit responses by email


If you wish to limit responses by email address, you are going to need to configure one or two things in order for it to work.
Limiting by email requires that each email address you send to has its very own URL that consists of a unique key linked to that specific email address.

This ensures that only individuals with their unique URL can answer the survey, and anyone that tries to access this survey without a unique URL will be presented with a screen notifying them the survey is not accessible.

This feature is both available to users utilising our SuperSimpleSurvey email send functionality, or their own email sending tool.

I am using Super Simple Survey to send my email invites to my survey

All you need to do is activate the "Limit by email" button.
  • You can find this button by going to the Share screen and selecting the "Settings".
  • Under the Settings section, find "Allow users to fill in the survey more than once" and select " the survey settings and select "Limit users by Email"
  • Note: This needs to happen before you send out your survey!

You can then proceed to send out your survey via our email tool like normal.

Eg: Turning on "Limit users by Email"

I am using my own email tool to send out surveys

Many of our users make use of other bulk emailing tools to manage their email sends. We totally cool with this and want to help make it as easy as possible!

So to generate unique URLs for each email address for the tool of your choice is really straightforward:
  • Head on over to the "Send by Email" menu item on the survey sending page (below)
  • Jump to step 3 and upload your email addresses either by CSV or manually (don't worry, this doesn't mean you need to use or survey send tool).
  • Once your email addresses have been uploaded, click "Export Email List"
And you done. This will download a CSV list for you to use with each email address and the unique URL for each email address you have uploaded.

EG: Uploading email addresses

Eg: Turning on "Limit users by Email"

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our awesome support team at

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