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What Is Individual Reporting

Individual reporting allows you to group a respondent's answers, which means that you can see how that individual respondent answered to each question. And, if you have sent out your survey via our email tool, you will be able to see all answers as given by an individual email address.

How Do I See Individual Responses

At this time we do not show individual responses on the reporting Dashboard, as it is currently under development. In the meanwhile though, you can access your individual responses by following these steps:

  • To view all the responses individually, you will have to export all the responses.
  • From your Dashboard, click on Report on the right of the survey of which you want to see the responses.

  • On the top of the page that comes up you will see a dropdown called Export; click on it to see the following options:

  • You can use any one of those file types to see individual responses, but for this example we will use an Excel file.
  • Click on the file type you would like, and after the file has finished downloading open the file. 
    Note: for surveys with a lot of responses the downloading might take a while.
  • The first couple of columns contain some information about your respondents, and after that you will see your questions.
    Note: you can ignore the columns starting with 'CINT'.
  • Each respondent has his or her own row:

  • And that is how you can see individual responses.

If you have any more questions, please feel absolutely free to let us know:
We'd love to help you!

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