Survey Settings

When you send out your survey, you have the following additional settings available for you to set and configure.

These can be accessed on the survey send page, via the Settings Menu tab (indicated in image below)

Limiting the amount of responses:

You can limit the amount of responses your survey receives by turning on our response limiting feature.

Once activated, you specify the number of responses you would like to receive before your survey is closed on the settings page (indicated below).

Allowing a user to answer a survey only once (AKA: Quota limiting or Ballot Box stuffing)

You may want to allow a user to answer a survey multiple times, or only once. If you want them to answer only once, you may want to limit it to IP or by browser cookie. This may seem quite complicated, but here is a non geek explanation of the different ways of using this awesome feature:

  • Allow a user to answer more than once: This allows a person to answer the same survey as many times as they wish.
  • User should only take the survey once: This only allows the user to answer the survey once based off your criteria below.
    • Limit by IP : This checks the IP of the user and doesn't allow the user to take the survey again from that IP address. It is very secure way of securing your survey, but may result in other users in the same location not being able to complete the survey if their is a static IP address.
    • Limit by browser: This stops the user from completing the survey by means of a cookie on the web browser. The issue with this is that the user can open up another web browser on the same computer and complete the survey again.

Setting a start and finish date

Sometimes you may want to only have users either start or finish your survey at a particular date or time. This is particularly useful for competition entries and when you using our system to gather votes.

To enable this awesome feature, you just need to select the box and set the date for either the start or finish date and time, and click save.

If your survey takers try and access your survey outside of this time, they will be presented with your survey and a page with the following messages:

Before start date: Looks like you're too early, the following survey hasn't started yet!
After end date: Oops you're too late, the following survey has been closed!

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