Sending your Survey by Email

It's Super easy to blast your survey out by email directly from Super Simple Survey.

Once you've created your survey hit save and send:

Once on the Share page, hit the Share by Email button

Now you on the send by email page, let's go over the steps.

Step 1:

From Name: 

This is who the email comes from, would be best to use the name of the person or the company the individuals are replying to.

Reply To: 

This is the address that you want the email to come from and for the people to reply to, if necessary.

Step 2:


This is very straight forward, this is the email subject line that will be displayed to your users.

Email Body: 

Also, very straight forward, this is the wording in the email body itself. You have some basic formatting options such as bolding and adding in bullet points, etc... The survey link is already in the body, but if remove it or want to add it in again, you just hit the beaker icon which pops it in (shown below).

Step 3: 

Now, we need to know who you want the message to go to.

You can either enter in the email addresses individually or copy and paste them into our email send block. Each email address needs to be on a new line and you don't need to worry about separating them with a comma or any of that jazz.

Alternatively, you can upload a comma separated file (CSV) that you have. The CSV file must contain at least on column named "email" with email addresses in that column. any other data in the csv we ignore.

Before sending out the email we provide you with a summary of the send, which give you all the core information to double check.

Sending a preview.

Before you send your survey out, you may want to send a preview to yourself or someone you working on the survey with. You can quicly do that by clicking the "Send Preview" and popping in the email of the users that need to receive it. 

Once you happy with the email, you can go ahead and blast it out by hitting the Send button. We will automatically start dispatching the email immediately, but if you are sending a large list (over 1000), please allow a up to an hour for all your emails to be sent out.

Reporting on the send.

Want to know how to report on your email send? Check out our Reporting Knowledgebase  article here.

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